Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2014 Award Winners!

This year's Audience Award winner is "To Judge a Thief" directed by Luke Lowder. Luke and his team did an excellent job of getting the word out to their fans who delivered a decisive victory in the online poll. Excellent work, guys!

This year's Grand Prize winner is Paul Lopez for his film "Into Nether." This was Paul's second year submitting a film to the UAT DV Festival, and his dedication to learning the craft of digital filmmaking is apparent. Paul's efforts have won him the Grand Prize - a full-tuition scholarship to study Digital Video at University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, AZ. We look forward to welcoming him to the DV family!

Congratulations to both Luke and Paul, and to all our selected filmmakers this year!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Festival is TONIGHT!

The 2014 edition of the UAT Digital Video Festival is tonight (November 6th) at 7 pm MST!

Livestream: http://new.livestream.com/accounts/3769341/uatdv2014

The final lineup of films is as follows!

UAT Student and Alumni Films

Blood Oath (Jace Oppie)

Piece of Mind (Gwyneth Christoffel)

Criminal (Darien Marion)

The Last Leaf (Gwyneth Christoffel)

Animated Films

I Need My Monster (Howard Cook)

The Adventures of Barty and the Pirate (Mark Chavez)

Live Action Films

Modieval (Bryan Ribeiro)

Snake Eater (Andreas Olenberg)

Ocean (Stephanie Maxwell)

Focus (Matt Chesin)

Pulse (Anthony DiMaria)

Films in Competition

To Judge a Thief (Luke Lowder)

Into Nether (Paul Lopez)

Congratulations to all our selected filmmakers!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Festival Date! Livestream link!

The 2014 edition of the UAT Digital Video Festival will be held on Thursday, November 6th at 7 pm MST in the UAT Campus Theatre.

University of Advancing Technology is located at 2625 W. Baseline Road, Tempe AZ 85283

For those not local to Arizona, we will also be hosting a Livestream of the Festival.

Hope you can join us!

Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 Official Selections!

This year's Official Selections:

(Out of Competition)
The Adventures of Barty and the Pirate - Mark Chavez
Modieval - Bryan Ribeiro
Snake Eater - Andreas Olenberg
I Need My Monster - Howard Cook
Focus - Matt Chesin
Ocean - Stephanie Maxwell

(In Competition)
To Judge a Thief - Luke Lowder
Into Nether - Paul Lopez

Films designated as "In Competition" are competing for the Grand Prize, a full-tuition scholarship to University of Advancing Technology's award-winning Digital Video Program. Films that are "Out of Competition" aren't eligible for the Grand Prize but are still eligible for our Audience Award.

Our 3rd Annual UAT Digital Video Festival will take place on our campus in Tempe, Arizona, during the first week of November, coinciding with our annual "Technology Forum." The screening date is still TBD.

Congratulations to all our selected filmmakers!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2014 Call for Entries Now Open!

Our 2014 Call for Entries is NOW OPEN! Tell every high school and middle school filmmaker you know!

Grand Prize - a FULL TUITION scholarship to the Digital Video Program at the University of Advancing Technology.

Our categories: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fan Films, Science & Technology, Animation, Visual Effects, Innovator (for non-students) and Students & Alumni (for UAT folks not eligible for the Grand Prize).

Deadlines will be May 15 (Earlybird), July 15 (Regular), September 15 (Late), and October 3 (Extended).

The festival runs in November (actual date TBD) on the UAT campus in Tempe, Arizona, as well as streaming online.

Submit today! We've switched from Withoutabox to the new film festival submission site Film Freeway!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2013 Award Winner: "Rain Dog" by Jordan Wippell

At this year's UAT Digital Video Festival, one film ran away with the Audience Award as well as will the esteem of the judges to win the Grand Prize - and that film is Jordan Wippell's exquisite black and white homage to Martin Scorsese and Jim Jarmusch, "Rain Dog."

Congratulations, Jordan! We look forward to you joining the UAT Digital Video Program!

Monday, November 4, 2013

2013 Official Selections!

Our judges have spoken, and here is the final roster of films for our 2013 Festival! The Festival is this Thursday night, November 7th, at 6pm. It will be held in the Theatre at University of Advancing Technology, 2625 W. Baseline Road, Tempe AZ 85283 - and will be livestreamed via the web. Check back here for the link!


How Winnie got her False Teeth 
Directed by: Nat Urwin
A true account of how Winnie lost her teeth as a teenager because of WW2

The Ninety Nines 
Directed by: Howard Cook
Amelia Earhart didn't die. Now she fights as a member of a super secret elite team of women, the 99's. Part of the Scientific Strategic Reserve and equipped with Tesla technology, the 99's are hell-bent on stopping Hitler and his evil science from dominating the free world.

Silent Voices 
Directed by: David O'Brien
'Silent Voices' is the story of a young man, whose idle lounging and apathetic attitude could cost him the right to speak up. His procrastination is met head on when what once seem distant and irreverent to him, suddenly becomes a reality. This animated film mashes up digital and natural worlds in a manage of conflicting environments. Will this man find his voice, before its too late?

Directed by: Sarah Miskoff
Wanda can't stand the flab on her body and discovers a pamphlet for liposuction. On her way to the clinic, she bumps into a rather well dressed and well rounded lady, losing the pamphlet in the process. What Wanda stumbles upon when she chases after the slip of paper is more than she expected.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

The Second Mission 
Directed by: Kyle and Carlos Plummer
When three young astronauts journey to the planet Caryle, a strange message changes their fates. A decision will be reached, a sacrifice will be made, and their lives will change...forever.

Directed by: Manu Prasad Gopinath
A homesick astronaut encounters an unusual and mysterious staircase on the Martian landscape.

Visual Effects

Directed by: Jordan Wippell
The neo-noir story of a man seeking redemption for a violent crime. Made by 18 year old student film maker Jordan Wippell, this black and white film can be seen as highly influenced by directors such as Martin Scorsese and Jim Jarmusch.

Infiltration - GinoTC's House 
Directed by: Paul Lopez
A covert mission of two soldiers given the order to capture a certain man and a bag that contains classified information and consumables. As the soldiers begin with stealth, they soon decide to open fire and enter the house by force.


Directed by: Santiago Echeverry
The conservatives and extreme right are obsessed with same sex relationships. Whatever we do in private is what authorizes them to attack us as individuals, both verbally and physically, discriminate legally and impose taxes us, turning the LGBTI community into the modern pariahs. This video explores how our intimacy is interpreted by scared outsiders, exploring the beauty of three dimensional pixelation. This piece was created as a frame by frame animation, using the individual images produced by Processing 2.0 and the Kinect sensor, experimenting with performative, visual and sexually implied topics.

UAT Students and Alumni

A Purrfect Pair 
Directed by: Gwyneth Christoffel
A dog and a cat spy each other at the veterinarian's office and instantly fall in love. After being dragged away from each other by their owners, they dream of what their life together would be like.

Apart from Your World
Directed by: Neil Sparks
An ode to all things geeky.

Directed by: Jamil Abubakar
A couple faces the ultimate challenge - moving on.

Don't Shoot the Messenger
Directed by: Caleb Evans
Two spies - one a polished professional, one an arch doofus - are sent on what should have been a simple mission.

Directed by: Jacob Glass
A developmentally-challenged young man awaits the return of his older brother, a Marine serving in the Middle East.

Fall 2013 Inter-College 48 Hour Film Challenge Award Winners

Directed by: Adam Benavides
A young man must take up his family's calling on his 18th birthday.

Slash: The Film
Directed by: Will Wesley
A team of student filmmakers attempts to make a horror film, but is thwarted from within.

Directed by Chris Cline and Sam Erdmann
With just one hour to live, a college student must come to terms with life... and with death, in the form of a very real Grim Reaper.